How to move Facebook photos from one album to another album

This tutorial will show you step by step how to move your Facebook photos from one album to another album.

For example, you can move photos from your “Timeline Photos” album to a different album.

How to move photos between albums on Facebook

1. Open your web browser.

2. Go to Facebook.

3. Log into your account (if you're not logged in already).

4. Go to your profile (timeline).

5. Click on Photos located just below your cover photo.

go to your facebook photos

6. Click on Albums.

7. Open the album that contains the photo you want to move to another album.

8. Move the mouse pointer over the photo you want to move.

9. Click on the pencil button located in the upper right corner of your photo and choose Move To Other Album.

move facebook photo to another album

10. Select a different album for your photo.

select a different facebook album for your photo

11. Click on Move Photo.

The photo is now moved to the other album.


Facebook: How do I move a photo or video between albums?