How to burn any video file to a playable DVD (step-by-step)

This tutorial will show you step by step how to burn almost any video file to a playable DVD.

With this method you can burn AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MPG, and other video formats to a DVD.

How to create a DVD from any video file using ConvertXtoDVD

ConvertXtoDVD is a program for converting and burning video files to video DVDs that will play on any DVD player.

It's very easy to use and fast.

With ConvertXtoDVD you can make a DVD from almost any video file in just a few clicks.


With this program you can also burn multiple videos to one DVD.

If you're interested in ConvertXtoDVD, then click here.

(You can download it and try it for free for 7 days)

Tip: If you want to include subtitles to your DVD, then place the subtitle file(s) in the same folder as the video file(s) and make sure that the subtitle and video files have the same file name.


When you do this the subtitles will automatically be added to the DVD.

Now I will show you how to burn a video file or multiple video files to a playable DVD with ConvertXtoDVD.

1. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD burner drive of your computer.

2. Open ConvertXtoDVD.

3. Click on the (+) icon.

Or click on File located at the top left and then click on Add video file(s).

4. Go to the video(s) you want to burn to DVD.

5. Select the video file(s).

6. Click on the Open button.

ConvertXtoDVD will now load the video(s).

7. Click on the Edit Menu button.

convertxtodvd edit menu button

A “Select” window will appear.

8. Select a menu type at Structure.

You can also select No Menu if you do not want a menu.

9. Select a menu theme at Theme.

convertxtodvd select dvd menu theme

10. If you want more settings, then click on the Advanced Edit button.

11. When you're done editing the menu, you click on the Select Theme button.

12. When you're ready you click on the Convert button located at the bottom.

ConvertXtoDVD will now convert your video file(s) and then burn the video(s) to a DVD that will play on any DVD player.

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